This is an automatic palletizing system for TV production. It is a combination of works: rotate the product from the end of the assembling process to the exact position for packing, nylon wrapped to protect, pallet auto, arrange the product into the pallet and choose the exact pallet that the customer demand. The use of an automatic packing line can help reduce a lot of workforces (this is a hard work position, require much labor force strength), and it also reduces the tact time for this process.

The system is a type of Robotic palletizing system, it includes Robot station to pick up and drop products which are from conveyor belt systems, pallet auto machines, and specialized nylon-wrapped. Robot pick systems beside air vacuum systems that have big suction power help vacuum and transit products easily and also flexible in changing product models.

This system is designed for automatic palletizing line for TV productions. However, its design can be changed according to the use of product range and customer’s specific requirement: palletizing with the products packed in cartons, packing with the products like bags or boxes, etc. For more details, please contact us:

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